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When a rodent licks a sweet-tasting solution, taste circuits in the central nervous system that facilitate stimulus identification, motivate intake, and prepare the body for digestion are activated. Here, we asked whether taste also determines daily intake of sugar solutions in C57BL/6 mice. We tested several dilute concentrations of glucose (167, 250, and(More)
CASE SERIES SUMMARY This case series documents ultrasonographic and clinicopathologic features of four cats with marked segmental dilatations of the common bile duct (CBD). All cats had additional ultrasonographic changes to the hepatobiliary system, including hepatomegaly, tubular to saccular intra/extrahepatic biliary duct dilatation and biliary debris(More)
We report 2 cases of familial juvenile hyperuricemic nephropathy, a rare autosomal dominant disorder characterized by uromodulin gene mutations leading to hyperuricemia secondary to profound renal uric acid underexcretion, gout, and chronic renal disease. Case 1 involves a 56-year-old woman who underwent a kidney transplant after steady decline in kidney(More)
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