Heather N. Meeks

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In 2004, we collected 211 specimens of European field mice (genus Apodemus; subgenus Sylvaemus) from 16 localities in northern, western, central, and southern Ukraine, including the Crimean Peninsula. We used cytochrome-b mitochondrial DNA sequence data to investigate species diversity, distributional patterns, and taxonomy of Apodemus in Ukraine. Sequence(More)
Three previous studies at Chernobyl, Ukraine, documented elevated mitochondrial DNA diversity in bank voles (Clethrionomys glareolus) from radioactively contaminated sites. Little evidence was found to link patterns of diversity in contaminated areas to radiation exposure, but the experimental design precluded discriminating among alternative explanations(More)
We sampled vole populations in Ukraine with the dual goal of characterizing population diversity and of providing a biogeographic perspective to evaluate experimental designs used for previous studies. Our data indicate that genetic diversity in bank vole populations is widely variable across regions and that diversity estimates in contaminated sites are(More)
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