Heather McMullen

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The biology underlying normal and premature cranial suture fusion remains unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of the dura mater in cranial suture fusion. In the Sprague Dawley rat model, the posterior frontal cranial suture fuses between 10 and 20 days of postnatal life. The effect of separating the posterior frontal cranial(More)
Chronic instability of the ankle is frequently due to disruption of the fibres of the anterior talofibular ligament and the anterolateral capsule. This allows momentary subluxations at the ankle joint; the talus tilts into an abnormal varus position and rotates forwards and inwards about a vertical axis which passes through the medial malleolus. The use of(More)
Animal communication plays a crucial role in many species, and it involves a sender producing a signal and a receiver responding to that signal. The shape of a signal is determined by selection pressures acting upon it. One factor that exerts selection on acoustic signals is the acoustic environment through which the signal is transmitted. Recent(More)
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