Heather Marino

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Protein fibril formation is implicated in many diseases, and therefore much effort has been focused toward the development of inhibitors of this process. In a previous project, a monomeric protein was computationally engineered to bind itself and form a heterodimer complex following interfacial redesign. One of the protein monomers, termed monomer-B, was(More)
The effects of media composition on growth parameters, total protein production (including delta-endotoxin) and its relation to the biological properties ofBacillus thuringiensis var.israelensis was investigated. The replacement of glucose by glycerol as the carbon source yielded higher concentrations of delta-endotoxin. This increase in toxicity was(More)
Within the past several decades, dramatic changes have been made in the field of diagnostic imaging. Many of these changes have been with ultrasound, which has been transformative in the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostics. Emergency physicians, intensivists, and other acute care clinicians are using and relying on critical care ultrasound imaging to(More)
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