Heather Macdougall

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HE hurricane season of 1943, statistically near the T average of the past several years, contributed two interesting and significant approaches for investigation. They came in connection with two of the most severe tropical storms of the year, the hurricane of July 25-28 that passed inland over the Houston-Galveston Bay area of Texas, and the intense(More)
This article compares the Toronto Health Department's role in controlling the 1918 influenza epidemic with its activities during the SARS outbreak in 2003 and concludes that local health departments are the foundation for successful disease containment, provided that there is effective coordination, communication, and capacity. In 1918, Toronto's MOH(More)
From 1939-1945, Dr. J. J. Heagerty, the long-serving federal Director of Public Health Services, championed a national health insurance program which united curative and preventive services while avoiding the pitfalls of "state medicine." But his carefully designed plan was stymied by internal and external opposition. As Keynesian economics and central(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To examine the Canadian origins of the Lalonde Report and its impact on British and American health promotion activities. DESIGN A brief history of the development of key Canadian documents and their use by politicians and public health activists in the United Kingdom and United States. SETTING This paper focuses on the impact of the(More)
Seasonal flu vaccine uptake has fallen dramatically over the past decade in Ontario, Canada, despite promotional efforts by public health officials. Media can be particularly influential in shaping the public response to seasonal flu vaccine campaigns. We therefore sought to identify the nature of the relationship between risk messages about getting the(More)
The history of sexually transmitted diseases in Canada from 1800 to the present reflects the changing views and values of citizens, medical experts, politicians and bureaucrats. During the colonial period, the military devoted attention to the problem but strict moral codes and social conventions prevented public discussion. Although middle class reformers(More)