Heather MC Thomas

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  • Patrick Min, Joe Crouthamel, Steve Elgersma, Ginny Hogan, Chris Kranz, Tina Mccoy +44 others
  • 2004
This thesis describes an online search engine for 3D models, focusing on query interfaces and their corresponding model/query representations and matching methods. A large number of 3D models has already been created, many of which are freely available on the web. Because of the time and effort involved in creating a high-quality 3D model, considerable(More)
BACKGROUND In Canada, there are limited occasions for youth, and especially at-risk youth, to participate in cooking programs. The paucity of these programs creates an opportunity for youth-focused cooking programs to be developed, implemented, and evaluated with the goal of providing invaluable life skills and food literacy to this potentially vulnerable(More)
BACKGROUND In a recent placebo-controlled Phase III study, oxybutynin chloride topical gel (OTG) significantly improved urinary continence in patients with overactive bladder. In this post hoc analysis, the effect of incontinence severity on OTG-mediated improvement in continence was evaluated. METHODS Change from baseline in the number of incontinence(More)
Due to the complex molecular structure and proprietary manufacturing processes of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), differences in structure and function may be expected during development of biosimilar mAbs. Important regulatory requirements for approval of biosimilar products involve comprehensive assessments of any potential differences between proposed(More)
AIMS To assess the efficacy and safety of oxybutynin transdermal gel 3% (OTG3%), with propylene glycol for enhanced skin permeation, in patients with urinary incontinence (UI). METHODS In this phase 3 study, 626 patients ≥18 years old with urgency and/or mixed UI symptoms and predominantly urgency UI for ≥3 months were randomized 1:1:1 to receive 12 weeks(More)
Introduction As bilinguals must constantly negotiate between two potential lexical choices in order to retrieve meaning, the study of bilingualism is an effective way in which to assess the potential modularity or interactivity of language processing. Traxler (2012: 419) asserts that 'the first rule of bilingualism is that the two languages compete', and(More)
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