Heather M. Stamat

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Rationale: Bupropion is used clinically as a treatment for smoking cessation, but the processes by which it reduces smoking are poorly understood. Bupropion shares some neurochemical actions and behavioral effects with the psychostimulant amphetamine, and it has been shown that amphetamine increases smoking when administered acutely. The effects of single(More)
The role of tar yield in the subjective and discriminative stimulus effects of cigarette smoking was examined. Current smokers (n=18) smoked two non-nicotine cigarettes with FTC yields of 0.06 mg nicotine and 12.4 mg (low tar) or 17.9 mg tar (high tar). Physiological measures and visual analog scales were completed over a 30-min period. Dosing order was(More)
Baclofen has been reported in uncontrolled clinical studies to reduce craving for abused drugs and reduce their rewarding effects. The objective of the present study was to measure the acute effects of a single dose of baclofen on cigarette smoking, craving for nicotine, cigarette taste, and smoking satisfaction. Tobacco smokers (n = 16) who were not trying(More)
For members of the public, community health fairs are an opportunity to gather information and receive screening for a variety of common medical conditions. For the osteopathic medical community, they can be an opportunity to increase public awareness about osteopathic medicine. The authors conducted a survey at nine community-based health fairs in the(More)
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