Heather M Austin

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BACKGROUND Obesity in children and adolescents is 1 of the most urgent and serious health threats confronting the United States. Extremely obese adolescents (body mass index >99th percentile for age and gender) are a unique subgroup of obese youth who are at considerable medical and psychosocial risk. Little is known about the cognitive function of(More)
Bariatric surgery for adolescents is an increasingly acceptable treatment option. However, research regarding who makes a successful candidate is limited. Although presurgical psychological assessment is deemed important before bariatric surgery, no formal standards of practice exist. The purpose of this paper is to provide further information and structure(More)
O'Connell of Chesapeake Workshops Unlimited provided excellent logistics and organizational support. Dr. Ken Tenore, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (UMCES) kindly hosted a social gathering at CBL on the second evening of the workshop. Ms. Letty Fernandez and Mr. Steve Leach prepared the report. Graduate students Mike Friske, Elizabeth North and Jen Stone(More)
Empyema necessitatis is a collection of fluid that has, by direct extension from the pleural cavity, penetrated the thoracic wall to form a mass in the extrapleural soft tissues of the chest wall. This is a rare condition and usually is associated with tuberculous effusion but may be associated with malignancy, blastomycosis, actinomycosis, and may even(More)
Rates of obesity in adolescents continue to rise, and available lifestyle and pharmacological interventions have had limited success in reducing excess weight and risk for comorbid health issues. However, ongoing health risks, psychosocial issues, and increased risk of mortality place these adolescents in jeopardy and warrant ongoing investigation for(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess links between comorbid health status, severe excess weight, and weight-related quality of life (WRQOL) in adolescents with severe obesity and undergoing weight-loss surgery (WLS) to inform clinical care. STUDY DESIGN Baseline (preoperative) data from Teen Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery, a prospective multicenter(More)
Radionuclide hepatobiliary imaging (HIDA scanning), a pathophysiologic modality, has become the diagnostic method of choice for suspected acute cholecystitis. The diagnosis is made quickly with this technic, which is simple, safe, and accurate. It is in widespread use and will soon be available for small community hospitals as well as large metropolitan and(More)
OBJECTIVE The psychosocial health of adolescents with severe obesity (BMI ≥ 120% for age and gender) has only recently been the focus of empirical work. METHODS This multisite study-an ancillary to a prospective longitudinal observational study documenting health in adolescents having weight loss surgery (WLS)-presents preoperative/baseline data from 141(More)
Objective To examine the associations of peer victimization with internalizing symptoms, externalizing symptoms, social competence, and academic performance in a clinical sample of adolescents with severe obesity, and whether self-worth and social support affect these associations. Methods Multisite cross-sectional data from 139 adolescents before weight(More)