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Connections Between Counseling Theories and Current Theories of Grief and Mourning
The primary purpose of the present article is to provide an overview of three theories of mourning--The Dual Process Model of Coping with Bereavement, Meaning Reconstruction and Loss, and AttachmentExpand
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Bereavement and College Students: The Role of Counseling Psychology
In this review article, the authors integrate the theoretical, empirical, and clinical literature relevant to the phenomenon of college student bereavement. They synthesize information on twoExpand
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Developmental and contextual perspectives on bereaved college students
Theories of college student development and campus ecology provide helpful perspectives on how students cope with bereavement.
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Bereaved Adults' Evaluations of Grief Management Messages: Effects of Message Person Centeredness, Recipient Individual Differences, and Contextual Factors
This study identifies grief management strategies that bereaved adults evaluate as more and less helpful, assesses whether the person centeredness of these strategies explains their helpfulness, andExpand
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Stress, Coping, and Internet Use of College Students
Abstract College students experience stressful life events and little research exists on the role the Internet may play in students’ coping. Objective: The purpose of the present study was to examineExpand
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Parental Marital Status and Young Adult Offspring's Attitudes About Marriage and Divorce
This study examined attitudes toward marriage and divorce among single young adults. Data were gathered from 310 traditional-aged college students regarding their perceived level of commitment to aExpand
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Hardiness and Grief in a Sample of Bereaved College Students
The relationship between hardiness and both grief symptoms and personal growth were investigated in a sample of bereaved college students. Hardiness was inversely associated with grief symptoms andExpand
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The Impact of Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention on University Resident Assistants
Resident assistants (RAs) can serve as important suicide prevention gatekeepers. The purpose of the study was to determine if training improved RAs’ crisis communications skills and suicide-relatedExpand
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Training Faculty Members and Resident Assistants to Respond to Bereaved Students.
The authors provide guidance for conducting workshops on bereavement for faculty members and resident assistants who, because of their regular interactions with students, are well positioned toExpand
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Adolescent Grief: Relationship Category and Emotional Closeness
Bereaved adolescents (N = 90) who had experienced relatively common death losses (e.g., grandparent, friend) completed the Texas Revised Inventory of Grief and the Emotional Closeness Scale andExpand
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