Heather L Mcmillen

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Ethnobotanical Knowledge Transmission and Evolution: The Case of Medicinal Markets in Tanga, Tanzania. This paper explores the range and distribution of local ecological knowledge (LEK) of popular medicinal plants by means of a case study in the medicinal markets of Tanga, Tanzania. Seventy–four medicinal plant harvesters, healers, and vendors were surveyed(More)
Resilience theory has received increased attention from researchers across a range of disciplines who have developed frameworks and articulated categories of indicators; however, there has been less discussion of how to recognize, and therefore support, social resilience at the community level, especially in urban areas. The value of urban environmental(More)
O ther speakers at this conference advance our knowledge of the pharmacology, botany, and commercial production of noni. We offer a complementary perspective that contextualizes this plant in its contemporary cultural, epidemiologic, and economic landscape. Specifically, we position noni as part of the trend toward self-medication and the use of(More)
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