Heather L. Hunter

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The present study sought to examine associations between maternal psychopathology, parental monitoring, and adolescent sexual activity among adolescents in mental health treatment. Seven hundred ninety mother-adolescent dyads recruited from adolescent mental health treatment settings completed audio computer-assisted structured interview assessments(More)
Summer camps have been recognized as a valuable means of delivering services to children with chronic illnesses. Although these camps exist in abundance across the United States, they have been largely underrepresented in the clinical psychology literature. Particularly, there is a staggering discrepancy between the number of camps in existence and the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to examine how children with abdominal pain presently are viewed, assessed, and treated by pediatric gastroenterologists across North America, as well as how perspectives have changed since initial release of the Rome criteria for functional gastrointestinal disorders approximately 15 years ago. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
This study sought to determine the screening practices of child and adolescent psychiatrists regarding adolescent dating violence (DV). A questionnaire regarding screening practices for DV and other risk behaviors was administered to 817 child and adolescent psychiatrists via the Internet and mail. Twenty-one percent of clinicians screened for DV "more than(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study used the Pediatric Adverse Events Rating Scale (PAERS) to provide a systematic assessment of adverse events (AEs) related to psychotropic medication use in a clinical sample of young children attending a specialized, early childhood partial hospital program. Study goals were as follows: 1) To describe the frequency and types of(More)
This study examined the nature and prevalence of diagnostically defined sleep disorders, including Sleep Onset Insomnia (SOI) and Night Waking Insomnia (NWI), in a sample of 183 young children admitted to an early childhood psychiatric day treatment program. A semi-structured diagnostic interview, the Diagnostic Infant and Preschool Assessment, was used to(More)
In line with the cognitive-contextual framework proposed by Grych and Fincham (1990), evidence suggests that children exposed to interparental conflict (IPC) are at risk for experiencing conflict within their own intimate relationships. The mediating role of adolescent appraisal in the relation between IPC and adolescent dating behavior was examined in the(More)
We evaluated the reliability and validity of the Dyadic Observed Communication Scale (DOCS) coding scheme, which was developed to capture a range of communication components between parents and adolescents. Adolescents and their caregivers were recruited from mental health facilities for participation in a large, multi-site family-based HIV prevention(More)
One of the most significant of the many developments contributing to the revolution in the health care field in the past ten years is the federal government's decision to prosecute health care professionals criminally for alleged violations of the antitrust laws. Almost unthinkable ten years ago, hospitals and physicians now face the new-and very(More)
A growing body of literature has suggested that associations between interparental conflict and adolescent dating violence emerge in part due to social learning. Nevertheless, the mechanisms underlying links between interparental conflict and adolescent dating violence are not well understood. Theoretical rationales provided by researchers working with(More)