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PURPOSE To conduct an evidence-based systematic review and provide an estimate of the effects of oral motor interventions (OMIs) on feeding/swallowing outcomes (both physiological and functional) and pulmonary health in preterm infants. METHOD A systematic search of the literature published from 1960 to 2007 was conducted. Articles meeting the selection(More)
AIM The aim of this unregistered evidence-based systematic review was to determine the state and quality of evidence on the effects of oral motor exercises (OME) on swallowing physiology, pulmonary health, functional swallowing outcomes, and drooling management in children with swallowing disorders. METHOD A systematic search of 20 electronic databases(More)
This report of the Older People's Inquiry into 'That Bit of Help' documents the experiences of older people and professionals working together to identify gaps in service provision for older people living in their own homes. The report focuses on how to involve older people alongside the professionals, as equals, in identifying what services they want and(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood behavior problems are associated with premature mortality. To identify plausible pathways that may account for this association, we explored the extent to which childhood behavior problems relate to health behaviors and health outcomes at midlife. METHODS The Aberdeen Children of the 1950s (ACONF) study comprises 12,500 children from(More)
BACKGROUND Probabilistic record linkage is widely used in epidemiology, but studies of its validity are rare. Our aim was to validate its use to identify births to a cohort of women, being drawn from a large cohort of people born in Scotland in the early 1950s. METHODS The Children of the 1950s cohort includes 5868 females born in Aberdeen 1950-56 who(More)
BACKGROUND Birth weight is inversely associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors, but few studies have examined the association with disease end points, in particular with stroke risk. Furthermore, previous studies demonstrating an inverse association between birth weight and coronary heart disease (CHD) risk have been conducted on populations born(More)
Filamentous fungi are an important cause of pulmonary and systemic morbidity and mortality, and also cause corneal blindness and visual impairment worldwide. Utilizing in vitro neutrophil killing assays and a model of fungal infection of the cornea, we demonstrated that Dectin-1 dependent IL-6 production regulates expression of iron chelators, heme and(More)
BACKGROUND In this study, 2 main hypotheses have been put forward to explain the variation in childhood intelligence or school performance by season of birth. In the first hypothesis, it is suggested that it is due to school policy concerning school entry, whereas the second suggests that a seasonally patterned exposure such as temperature, maternal(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the relationship between early life factors and survey response in epidemiological studies of adults. METHODS The Children of the 1950s cohort is composed of 12,150 children (boys 51.7%) born in Aberdeen 1950-56 and in primary schools in the city in 1962. Information on birth weight, gestational age, growth, behaviour and(More)
The most commonly used inclusion/exclusion criterion in antidepressant efficacy trials (AETs) is a minimum score on a symptom severity scale. In the present study, we reviewed placebo-controlled AETs published during the past 20 years to determine whether there has been a change in the symptom severity inclusion criterion threshold subsequent to(More)