Heather L. Chapin

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Apart from its natural relevance to cognition, music provides a window into the intimate relationships between production, perception, experience, and emotion. Here, emotional responses and neural activity were observed as they evolved together with stimulus parameters over several minutes. Participants listened to a skilled music performance that included(More)
The aim of this study was to explore the role of attention in pulse and meter perception using complex rhythms. We used a selective attention paradigm in which participants attended to either a complex auditory rhythm or a visually presented word list. Performance on a reproduction task was used to gauge whether participants were attending to the(More)
Current views recognize the brain as playing a pivotal role in the arising and maintenance of pain experience. Real-time fMRI (rtfMRI) feedback is a potential tool for pain modulation that directly targets the brain with the goal of restoring regulatory function. Though still relatively new, rtfMRI is a rapidly developing technology that has evolved in the(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of anger as an important predictor of chronic pain outcomes suggests that treatments that target anger may be particularly useful within the context of chronic pain. Eastern traditions prescribe compassion cultivation to treat persistent anger. Compassion cultivation has been shown to influence emotional processing and reduce(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the experiences of young women with spontaneous premature ovarian failure with regard to the initial presenting symptom, promptness of diagnosis, and patient education. METHODS We asked 50 patients previously diagnosed with spontaneous premature ovarian failure to participate in a structured interview survey consisting of 38(More)
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