Heather Kerrick

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In recent years, extensive research in the HCI literature has explored interactive techniques for digital fabrication. However, little attention in this body of work has examined how to involve and guide human workers in fabricating larger-scale structures. We propose a novel model of <i>crowdsourced fabrication</i>, in which a large number of workers and(More)
OBJECTIVE The cheek-to-cheek diameter (CCD) has been shown to be an indicator of subcutaneous tissue mass in the fetus. However, the correlation between CCD and the abdominal circumference (AC) has not been investigated yet. The objective of the present study was to demonstrate whether a correlation exists between fetal CCD, AC, estimated fetal weight(More)
The Hive Pavilion exhibited at Autodesk University (2015) investigated whether untrained workers and industrial robots could work collaboratively together towards the common goal of fabricating and assembling an architectural scale structure through the utilization of computational design, wearables, and interconnected devices. Though many narratives(More)
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