Heather K. Holden

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Scenario-based training exemplifies the learning-by-doing approach to human performance improvement. In this paper, we enumerate the advantages of incorporating automated scenario generation technologies into the traditional scenario development pipeline. An automated scenario generator is a system that creates training scenarios from scratch, augmenting(More)
A renaissance in the research and development of computer-based, tutoring systems over the last ten years is motivating scientists to ponder the application of intelligent tutors and coaches in more challenging team training problem spaces where human tutors are either unavailable or impractical. This paper reviews some of the challenges and emerging(More)
Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) have been shown to be effective tools for one-to-one tutoring in a variety of well-defined domains (e.g., mathematics, physics) and offer distinct advantages over traditional classroom teaching/training. In examining the barriers to the widespread use of ITS, the time and cost for designing and author-ing ITS have been(More)
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