Heather J Walker

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Naturally occurring variation in wild species can be used to increase the genetic diversity of cultivated crops and improve agronomic value. Populations of introgression lines carrying wild species alleles afford an opportunity to identify traits associated with the introgressed regions, and facilitate characterization of the biochemistry and genetics(More)
Neurons that synthesize GnRH control the reproductive axis and migrate over long distances and through different environments during development. Prior studies provided strong clues for the types of molecules encountered and movements expected along the migratory route. However, our studies provide the first real-time views of the behavior of GnRH neurons(More)
A series of naphthalenyl-substituted arenediynes were prepared to examine photochemical reactivity. For naphthalen-1-ylethynyl arenediyne, 350 nm photolysis resulted in a tandem [2 + 2] photocycloaddition to afford cyclobutene adducts. For naphthalen-2-ylethynyl derivatives, electron-donating methoxy substituents were found to facilitate C(1)-C(6) Bergman(More)
Many studies suggest that migratory guidance cues within the developing brain are diverse across many regions. To better understand the early development and differentiation of select brain regions, an in vitro method was developed using selected inbred and transgenic strains of embryonic mice. In particular, organotypic slices are used to test factors that(More)
Arginine is an important amino acid but has been barely studied in plants. The little research that has been done indicates that the pathways of synthesis are similar to those found in animals and procaryotes. However little is known about the cellular and tissue localization of the amino acid in plants. The research reported in this paper was designed to(More)
The preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus (POA/AH) is sexually dimorphic in many vertebrates. We have defined specific cell populations within the POA/AH using immunocytochemical markers for estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta) and the R1 subunit of the GABA(B) receptor (GABA(B)R1). Our previous finding of sex differences in cell migration in this region in(More)
Investigations were undertaken in the context of the potential environmental impact of carbon capture and storage (CCS) transportation in the form of a hypothetical leak of extreme levels of CO2 into the soil environment and subsequent effects on plant physiology. Laboratory studies using purpose built soil chambers, separating and isolating the soil and(More)
AIM With the advent of rapid metabolic profiling techniques and of portable mass spectrometers we examined whether cells distinguished by their cytology and persistence of human papillomavirus infection, could be easily differentiated by their metabolite profile. MATERIALS & METHODS Direct injection electrospray mass spectrometry was used in a nontargeted(More)
Estrogen receptor (ER) expression and regulation is vital to the correct functioning of the neuroendocrine brain. Islet-1 (Isl-1) is a LIM homeodomain-containing transcription factor that has been implicated in neuronal differentiation, is located in the hypothalamus, and can alter ER function in vitro. We have determined that Isl-1 is localized in several(More)
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