Heather J. Sobko

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BACKGROUND Patients requiring complex care are at high risk during the transition from one setting of care to another. Effective interventions to support care transitions have been designed but are very resource intensive. Telemonitoring has been considered as an approach to enhance care transition support, but many telemonitoring systems require special(More)
BACKGROUND Tailored, web-assisted interventions can reach many smokers. Content from other smokers (peers) through crowdsourcing could enhance relevance. PURPOSE To evaluate whether peers can generate tailored messages encouraging other smokers to use a web-assisted tobacco intervention (Decide2Quit.org). METHODS Phase 1: In 2009, smokers wrote messages(More)
Communication among medical informatics communities can suffer from fragmentation across multiple forums, disciplines, and subdisciplines; variation among journals, vocabularies and ontologies; cost and distance. Online communities help overcome these obstacles, but may become onerous when listservs are flooded with cross-postings. Rich and relevant content(More)
OBJECTIVE Patient-centered approaches to improving medication adherence hold promise, but evidence of their effectiveness is unclear. This review reports the current state of scientific research around interventions to improve medication management through four patient-centered domains: shared decision-making, methods to enhance effective prescribing,(More)
Most structured nursing documentation systems allow the entry of data in a free text narrative format. Narrative data, while sometimes necessary, cannot easily be analyzed or linked to the structured portion of the record. This study examined the characteristics of free text narrative documentation entered in an otherwise structured record utilized in a(More)
Care transitions from the hospital to home remain a vulnerable time for many patients, especially for those with heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Despite regular use in chronic disease management, it remains unclear how technology can best support patients during their transition from the hospital. We sought to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND Patient self-management interventions for smoking cessation are effective but underused. Health care providers do not routinely refer smokers to these interventions. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to uncover barriers and facilitators to the use of an e-referral system that will be evaluated in a community-based randomized trial. The(More)
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