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We apply Random Matrix Theory (RMT) on an empirically-measured nancial correlation matrix, C, and show that this matrix contains a large amount of noise. In order to determine the sensitivity of the spectral properties of a random matrix to noise, we simulate a set of data and add diierent volumes of random noise. Having ascertained that the eigenspectrum(More)
BACKGROUND Recent advances in Immunology highlighted the importance of local properties on the overall progression of HIV infection. In particular, the gastrointestinal tract is seen as a key area during early infection, and the massive cell depletion associated with it may influence subsequent disease progression. This motivated the development of a(More)
Cancer, a class of diseases, characterized by abnormal cell growth, has one of the highest overall death rates world-wide. Its development has been linked to aberrant genetic and epigenetic events, affecting the regulation of key genes that control cellular mechanisms. However, a major issue in cancer research is the lack of precise information on tumour(More)
Many clustering techniques have been proposed for the analysis of gene expression data obtained from microarray experiments. However, choice of suitable method(s) for a given experimental dataset is not straightforward. Common approaches do not translate well and fail to take account of the data profile. This review paper surveys state of the art(More)
In order to better understand and predict the release of proteins from bioerodible microspheres or nanospheres, it is important to know the influences of different initial factors on the release mechanisms, though often it is difficult to assess what exactly is at the origin of a certain dissolution profile. We propose here a new class of fine-grained(More)
BACKGROUND The evolution of high throughput technologies that measure gene expression levels has created a data base for inferring GRNs (a process also known as reverse engineering of GRNs). However, the nature of these data has made this process very difficult. At the moment, several methods of discovering qualitative causal relationships between genes(More)
Characterization of the epigenetic profile of humans since the initial breakthrough on the human genome project has strongly established the key role of histone modifications and DNA methylation. These dynamic elements interact to determine the normal level of expression or methylation status of the constituent genes in the genome. Recently, considerable(More)
Recent advances in molecular biology and computational power have seen the biomedical sector enter a new era, with corresponding development of Bioinformatics as a major discipline. Generation of enormous amounts of data has driven the need for more advanced storage solutions and shared access through a range of public repositories. The number of such(More)