Heather J Mathison

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Recent reports of subclinical phonetic deficits in posterior and most particularly in Wernicke's aphasics have challenged the traditional dichotomy which characterized speech deficits in aphasia as anterior/phonetic and posterior/phonological. It is unclear whether the basis of the phonetic deficit in posterior aphasics reflects the fact that the speech(More)
BACKGROUND The fatty acid composition of the phospholipids in sarcolemma may significantly influence cell membrane functions. We evaluated the effects of dietary fat on the pharmacodynamics of the antiarrhythmic drug propafenone in isolated, perfused rabbit hearts. METHODS AND RESULTS Three groups of weanling rabbits (n = 9 each group) were fed diets of(More)
OBJECTIVE Overexpression of calcineurin causes cardiac hypertrophy and arrhythmic deaths. During disease development, sinus bradycardia followed by high degree atrioventricular (AV) block finally culminating in ventricular asystole has been observed over time in calcineurin hearts. AV block is associated with the development of pleomorphic ventricular(More)
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