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We present here a computational study of reactions at a model complex of the SyrB2 enzyme active site. SyrB2, which chlorinates L-threonine in the syringomycin biosynthetic pathway, belongs to a recently discovered class of alpha-ketoglutarate (alphaKG), non-heme Fe(II)-dependent halogenases that share many structural and chemical similarities with(More)
An extensive redistribution of spin density in TBrPP-Co molecules adsorbed on a Cu(111) surface is investigated by monitoring Kondo resonances at different locations on single molecules. Remarkably, the width of the Kondo resonance is found to be much larger on the organic ligands than on the central cobalt atom-reflecting enhanced spin-electron(More)
We present an automated, open source toolkit for the first-principles screening and discovery of new inorganic molecules and intermolecular complexes. Challenges remain in the automatic generation of candidate inorganic molecule structures due to the high variability in coordination and bonding, which we overcome through a divide-and-conquer tactic that(More)
Catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) is a SAM- and Mg2+-dependent methyltransferase that regulates neurotransmitters through methylation. Simulations and experiments have identified divergent catecholamine substrate orientations in the COMT active site: molecular dynamics simulations have favored a monodentate coordination of catecholate substrates to the(More)
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