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The expression of dental morphological characteristics is partially genetically controlled, and is assumed to be similar in deciduous and permanent dentitions. However, there are few published data comparing normal morphological variation between the two dentitions in the same individual. For the current study, data were collected from European Americans (N(More)
Despite the existence of multiple standards for the coding of biomedical data and the known benefits of doing so, there remain a myriad of biomedical information domain spaces that are essentially un-coded and unstandardized. Perhaps a worse situation is when the same or similar information in a given domain is coded to a variety of different standards.(More)
Health and socioeconomic disparities tend to be experienced along racial and ethnic lines, but investigators are not sure how individuals are assigned to groups, or how consistent this process is. To address these issues, 1,919 orthodontic patient records were examined by at least two observers who estimated each individual's race and the characteristics(More)
This comparison of methods for assessing the development of muscle insertion sites, or entheses, suggests that three-dimensional (3D) quantification of enthesis morphology can produce a picture of habitual muscle use patterns in a past population that is similar to one produced by ordinal scores for describing enthesis morphology. Upper limb skeletal(More)
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