Heather Hochrein

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In 54 consecutive patients, ages 59 +/- 11 years, the transmitral diastolic flow velocity profile was derived by means of pulsed Doppler echocardiography simultaneously with right-sided heart catheterization. In 30 of them, ages 57 +/- 10 years, left-sided heart catheterization was performed at the same time. The sample volume was positioned exactly in the(More)
An 47 Herz-Lungen-Präparaten des Meerschweinchens wurde das Verhalten der wichtigsten säurelöslichen P-Fraktionen (ATP, ADP, AMP, Kreatinphosphat, Orthophosphat) in der Muskulatur des linken Ventrikels in Abhängigkeit von der Druck-Volumen-Arbeit analysiert. Dabei zeigte sich, daß die Kreatinphosphat-Werte mit zunehmender Arbeit pro Systole in(More)
The dosages ofβ-methyl-digoxin were determined by means of subtoxic digitalisation in patients with heart failure. During slow intravenous digitalisation (11.29±2.49 days), a subtoxic dose of 1.88±0.11 mg, a daily subtoxic maintenance dose of 0.40±0.0 mg and a disappearance rate of 21.68±1.20% were found. By slow oral digitalisation (10.73±0.85 days), a(More)
Seven patients with cardiac dysrhythmias received a single, oral, therapeutically effective dose of the antiarrhythmic drug propafenone. The serum levels correlated well with changes in atrioventricular conduction times during the postabsorptive elimination phase (r=0.6810, p<0.001). The mean half-lives of the serum level and the electrocardiographic effect(More)
Hypertension presents many unsolved therapeutical problems. On this reason further examinations on new antihypertensive agents are needed. BQ 22-708 is a pyridopyridazine with peripheral vasodilating activities, which has been shown in animal experiments marked antihypertensive properties of dihydralazine-type. A hemodynamic study revealed now similar(More)
In 28 chronic smokers (11 women, 17 men, 53 +/- 10 years old) with coronary artery disease (greater than 75% stenosis), left ventricular (LV) relaxation and filling behavior was assessed before and after inhalation of 0.9 mg nicotine (1 cigarette) by echocardiography. The following acute nicotine-mediated changes were noted (one-sided Wilcoxon test): heart(More)
Propafenone, a new anti-arrhythmia drug, was given at an average dose of 70-140 mg (1-2 mg/kg body-weight) to 124 patients with various types of cardiac arrhythmias. It proved successful in patients with ectopic beats and tachycardias of atrial or ventricular origin. Ectopic beats were suppressed in 40 of 81 patients, while sinus rhythm was restored in 15(More)