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OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between level of social deprivation in electoral wards and premature mortality among residents, before and after allowing for levels of personal deprivation. DESIGN Longitudinal study of the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys. SETTING England. SUBJECTS Random sample of nearly 300,000 people aged between(More)
This paper is concerned with the social patterning of ill-health amongst women in Britain. It uses the various health measures available in the Health and Lifestyle Survey (self-assessed health, disease/disability, illness, psycho-social well-being and fitness) to explore whether there are particular aspects of health systematically associated with social(More)
We investigate the effect of parenthood on whether non-marital unions led to marriage or parting for two cohorts of British women when they were aged between 16 and 29. We compare the effect of conceptions leading to births and the presence and characteristics of children on the odds that a cohabitation was dissolved, or that it was converted to marriage,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between the level of social deprivation in electoral wards and various life events. Life events include mortality, self reported long term illness, and for women: still-birth, underweight birth, birth while a teenager, and sole registered birth. Associations with area deprivation are tested before and after(More)
verse family living situations and child development : a multilevel analysis comparing longitudinal evidence from Britain and the United States », Education, family and population dynamics, sous la direction de M.Diverse Family Living Situations and Child Development: a multi-level analysis comparing longitudinal evidence from Britain and the United(More)
This paper investigates the association between family poverty, the level of deprivation in electoral wards and children's cognitive test scores using data from the second generation in the 1991 sweep of the British National Child Development Study (1958 birth cohort). Family poverty has a significant association with lower test scores in children of all(More)
This study investigated the long-term effects of social disadvantage on academic achievement and on subsequent attainments in adulthood. The study drew on data collected for over 30,000 individuals born 12 years apart, following their development from birth to adulthood. The pathways that link social disadvantage to individual development across the life(More)
In this article, we describe a general framework for the analysis of correlated event histories, with an application to a study of partnership transitions and fertility among a cohort of British women. Using a multilevel, multistate competing-risks model, we examine the relationship between prior fertility outcomes (the presence and characteristics of(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe levels of physical activity, sedentary time and adherence to Chief Medical Officers (CMO) physical activity guidelines among primary school-aged children across the UK using objective accelerometer-based measurements. DESIGN Nationally representative prospective cohort study. SETTING Children born across the UK, between 2000 and(More)