Heather E. Hudson

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Access to telecommunications facilities and services is almost nonexistent in much of rural Africa. The poorest African countries rank at the bottom of the global list in teledensity and PC density, and rural access to the Internet is extremely limited even in wealthier nations such as South Africa. Several initiatives are attempting to extend access(More)
Acknowledgments AEDI owes a great debt to the New England CSA Consortium members and others working closely on the region's CSA policy development, who invested their time to not only shepherd innovation through their respective systems but also to answer our questions. All errors are, of course, our own. Particular thanks to Summary This paper chronicles(More)
12 The US and Canada lag behind several other OECD countries in broadband penetration (US ranking 15th and Canada ranking 11th); 1 both countries also have significant rural and remote areas without broad-band infrastructure or with limited Internet connectivity. Both countries have provided funding for capital investments in infrastructure through stimulus(More)
1. The Digital Divide 1.1. The Broadband Divide Analysis of gaps in access to telecommunications has typically focused on voice telephony. The good news is that access to voice services has improved dramatically, thanks largely to newly available and more affordable wireless (mobile) services in many developing countries. The bad news is that broadband, a(More)