Heather E. Edwards

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Stressful events during gestation and in the neonatal period have important effects on the later physical and mental health of the offspring. The present study tested the hypothesis that pre- and/or postnatal stress would affect seizure susceptibility in infant and adult rats, using the hippocampal kindling model. Prenatal stress consisted of daily(More)
Infants are subjected to both endogenous and exogenous corticosteroids in the pre- and postnatal periods. Stress to the mother before birth, or to the child postpartum, can give rise to high, chronic endogenous corticosteroid levels caused by activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. Physician-administered exogenous corticosteroids are(More)
UNLABELLED Catamenial epileptics show particular vulnerability to seizures during menstruation and at the time of ovulation, when circulating estradiol (E(2))/progesterone (P(4)) ratios are high. The present study tested the hypothesis that alterations in neuronal excitability induced by E(2) and P(4) affect thresholds and the development of secondary(More)
UNLABELLED In boys with epilepsy, pubertal increases in seizure frequency may be associated with rising androgen levels. The present study tested the hypothesis that testosterone (T) and/or its metabolites might affect amygdala seizure thresholds and the development of secondary generalization from amygdala foci (kindling). Afterdischarge thresholds and(More)
OBJECTIVE Mortality rates for oral cancer have not improved appreciably in decades, with Blacks less likely than others to survive 5-years post-treatment. Oral cancer is the fifth most common cancer among African American males, representing a pressing public health concern. This study compared how dentists and African American adults view the current state(More)
PURPOSE Reproductive dysfunction and endocrine disorders are common among women with temporal lobe epilepsy. This study used the kindled rat model to test the hypothesis that limbic seizures directly contribute to reproductive dysfunction. METHODS Kindling electrodes were implanted in the basolateral amygdala in adult female rats. Females were kindled by(More)
PURPOSE Reproductive dysfunction and endocrine disorders occur frequently among men with epilepsy. This study tested the hypothesis that focal limbic seizures and generalized seizures may both contribute to reproductive dysfunction. METHODS The rat kindling model was used to mimic focal limbic seizures. Kindling electrodes were placed in the basolateral(More)
Factors regulating maternal serum progesterone concentrations during pregnancy in the Djungarian hamster Phodopus campbelli were investigated through changes in (1) concentrations of progesterone and oestradiol in the serum and extracted corpus luteum, non-luteal ovary, and placenta during late pregnancy, (2) prolactin concentrations in the serum, and (3)(More)
OBJECTIVE There is conflicting data in the literature regarding the risk of obstetric anal sphincter laceration in patients with a prior laceration. This retrospective chart review seeks to examine the risk of recurrence of obstetric anal sphincter lacerations. METHODS Patients who sustained anal sphincter laceration at delivery during a 13-year time(More)