Heather C. Kaplan

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Since its publication in 2008, SQUIRE (Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence) has contributed to the completeness and transparency of reporting of quality improvement work, providing guidance to authors and reviewers of reports on healthcare improvement work. In the interim, enormous growth has occurred in understanding factors that(More)
INTRODUCTION Improving symptoms for patients with chronic illness is difficult due to poor recall and imprecise assessments of therapeutic response to inform treatment decisions. Daily variation in symptoms may obscure subtle improvement or lead to erroneous associations between symptom changes and alteration in medication or dietary regimens. This may lead(More)
BACKGROUND Proposed neonatal quality measures have included structural measures such as average daily census, and outcome measures such as mortality and rates of complications of prematurity. However, process measures have remained largely unexamined. The objective of this research was to examine variation in surfactant use as a possible process measure of(More)
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