Heather C. Humphreys

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This research investigates and seeks to mitigate the undesirable effects of biodynamic feedthrough in backhoe operation. Biodynamic feedthrough occurs when motion of the controlled machine excites motion of the human operator, which is fed back into the control input device. This unwanted input can cause significant performance degradation, which can(More)
Large multi-fingered end-effectors have promise to provide the added dexterity needed for manipulation while decreasing the amount of special fixturing required for tooling and object manipulation common to remote handling operations in hazardous and unstructured environments such as those in the nuclear domain. This paper presents the integration of a(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am grateful to many people for helping me work through this master's project. First, I want to thank my advisor Dr. Wayne Book for his wisdom, guidance and support. He seems to always manage the balance between giving me the necessary guidance to avoid heading down a dead-end path while allowing me to make my own mistakes and learn(More)
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