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  • H Ashton
  • 1991
The reasons for women in Europe and North America being prescribed over twice as many psychotropic drugs as men are complex. Psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety appear to be more common in women than in men, and women more commonly complain of psychological symptoms. There may be a gender bias in medical diagnosis and choice of medication.(More)
Tinnitus, the perception of noise in the absence of an external auditory stimulus, is common, frequently distressing and often intractable. It is associated with a number of conditions including deafness but may arise spontaneously. Brain imaging studies indicate increased neuronal excitability and decreased density of benzodiazepine receptors in temporal(More)
1 The effects of two doses of delta 9THC (2.5 and 10 mg), delivered by paced smoking of herbal cigarettes, on CNV magnitude, subjective mood ratings and heart rate were studied in 20 subjects. 2 There were highly significant interactions between drug dosage and Extraversion and Neuroticism scores, so that the direction and degree of response to the(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Despite repeated recommendations to limit benzodiazepines to short-term use (2-4 weeks), doctors worldwide are still prescribing them for months or years. This over-prescribing has resulted in large populations of long-term users who have become dependent on benzodiazepines and has also led to leakage of benzodiazepines into the illicit(More)
Past orthodontic research by Schwarze in "Expansion and Relapse in Long Follow-Up Studies" concluded "... that orthodontically induced transverse sizes of the dental arches are very unstable." The article further stated that, "the majority of patients showed a decrease of the transverse molar and canine distance from the end of treatment to the follow-up(More)
The ALF appliance represents a major innovation in TMD and orthopedic/orthodontic therapy. Thanks to the genius and perseverance of Dr. Darick Nordstrom and laboratory technician Heather Ashton, the ALF appliances are custom designed and capable of correcting not only the various types of malocclusion but also cranial base and cranial distortions present in(More)