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The accelerating availability of molecular sequences, particularly the sequences of entire genomes, has transformed both the theory and practice of experimental biology. Where once biochemists characterized proteins by their diverse activities and abundances, and geneticists characterized genes by the phenotypes of their mutations, all biologists now(More)
There is a long history of science fiction novels and movies that feature aliens from other worlds conquering our planet, either overtly as in The War of the Worlds, or covertly as in The Arrival. Aliens have also infiltrated video games, starting with Space Invaders, and more recently with Aliens vs. Predator. Extraterrestrials have also appeared in(More)
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) is the first enzyme in the kynurenine pathway. The kynurenines formed in this pathway chemically modify proteins and cause apoptosis in cells. Evidence suggests that kynurenines and their protein modifications are involved in cataract formation, but this has yet to be directly demonstrated. We generated transgenic (Tg)(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examined the effect of pain interference and attentional interference on the anticipatory postural adjustments of trunk muscles in patients with nonspecific chronic low back pain. METHODS Fifty-nine patients performed rapid flexion movements of the right arm under 6 conditions, namely a control condition and conditions with different(More)
Students interacted with an Intelligent Tutoring System called Operation ARIES!,which involves two agents interacting with the human in natural language trialogs. We investigated the conditions in which the length of the students' contributions is correlated with learning. Word count and the proportional learning gains scores were correlated, especially in(More)
  • Michael J L Sullivan, Pascal Thibault, Juste Andrikonyte, Heather Butler, Richard Catchlove, Christian Larivière
  • 2009
This study examined the role of pain catastrophizing, fear of movement and depression as determinants of repetition-induced summation of activity-related pain. The sample consisted of 90 (44 women and 46 men) work-disabled individuals with chronic low back pain. Participants were asked to lift a series of 18 canisters that varied according to weight (2.9kg,(More)
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