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This article has its genesis in the inquirer's interest in the need for internalizing critical thinking, creative thinking and reflective skills in adult learners. As part of a broader study the inquirer used a combination of two techniques over a period of nine months, namely: Socratic discussion/questioning and Learning Through Discussion Technique. The(More)
The purpose of this study was two-fold, namely: 1) to obtain clarity on the meaning of the term preceptor, and 2) to establish how the term preceptor is interpreted in the nursing colleges of the RSA and to ascertain whether this interpretation is consistent with the general connotation of the term in contemporary nursing literature. Dictionaries and(More)
The purpose of this inquiry was to construct a model for facilitation of critical reflective practice, based on thorough analysis of the main concepts (critical thinking and reflection), related viewpoints, models and theories; and the data gathered and analyzed during, the naturalistic inquiry. The constructed model evolved from empirical observations,(More)