Heather Belcher

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The ability to nondestructively image and automatically phenotype complex root systems, like those of rice (Oryza sativa), is fundamental to identifying genes underlying root system architecture (RSA). Although root systems are central to plant fitness, identifying genes responsible for RSA remains an underexplored opportunity for crop improvement. Here we(More)
Metabolite composition offers a powerful tool for understanding gene function and regulatory processes. However, metabolomics studies on multicellular organisms have thus far been performed primarily on whole organisms, organs, or cell lines, losing information about individual cell types within a tissue. With the goal of profiling metabolite content in(More)
We randomly selected 39 patients undergoing excision of the trapezium for osteoarthritis of the first carpometacarpal joint into two groups, with mobilisation either at one or at four weeks after operation. The patients were reviewed at a median of six months (6 to 8). The clinical details, the severity of the disease and the preoperative clinical(More)
The Agee technique is a standard approach for the endoscopic release of the carpal tunnel. We describe a modification of the technique. This involves dilatation of the path for the blade assembly with urethral dilators. This permits a graded dilatation of the path. We believe it creates a track of more uniform width. It also provides more accurate(More)
CONTEXT Arnica is commonly used by the public as a treatment for bruising and swelling. OBJECTIVE To assess whether Arnica administration affects recovery from hand surgery. DESIGN Double-blind, randomized comparison of Arnica administration versus placebo. SETTING Specialist hand surgery unit at the Queen Victoria NHS Trust. PARTICIPANTS(More)
The outcome in patients having surgery to the hand was assessed subjectively using a questionnaire that covered activities of daily living (ADL), hand pain and psychological well-being. The questionnaires were completed on average 6.9 months preoperatively and 20.6 months postoperatively by 15 patients with osteoarthritis undergoing trapeziectomy and 25(More)
Four hundred adult claimants underwent medico-legal assessment following upper limb injuries. Dynamometry was performed on each using the Jamar five handle-position test. Injury causes loss of power and there is a significant relationship between the percentage loss of power and the measured whole limb impairment. This paper presents a new approach for the(More)