Heather Angus-Leppan

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The effects of ergot alkaloids on field potentials and unit responses produced in the upper cervical spinal cord by stimulation of the superior sagittal sinus (SSS) were examined in 57 anesthetized cats. Electrical stimulation of the SSS produced field potentials and single-unit responses at latencies of 5-20 ms. Field potentials were abolished by section(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify the incidence of seizures and adverse events during standard electroencephalography (EEG). METHODS A retrospective random sample of 1000 of a total of 3391 reports of standard scalp EEG recordings during 2002 at Kings College Hospital were studied, and adverse events during standard EEG were recorded. Photic induced seizures and(More)
Units in the dorsolateral area of the upper cervical cord respond to craniovascular stimulation. This study examined tooth pulp responses in this area in cats. Eleven of 21 units tested in the dorsolateral area had convergent inputs from superior sagittal sinus and tooth pulp; while 10 units had sagittal sinus, but not tooth pulp, input. Mean response(More)
Co-existence of facial and occipital pain may occur in occipital neuralgia, migraine and cluster headache; suggesting convergence of trigeminal and cervical afferents. Such convergence has been shown in humans and other animals, but the site and extent of this are uncertain. In anaesthetized adult cats, the superior sagittal sinus and occipital nerve were(More)
We have previously shown convergence of craniovascular and tooth pulp afferents in the cervical spinal cord of cats. This study looked for similar convergence in the thalamus. Fifty-four thalamic cells with input from tooth pulp, superior sagittal sinus, or both, were identified. Twenty-nine cells with tooth pulp and superior sagittal sinus input were(More)
IMPORTANCE The diagnosis of autoimmune and neurodegenerative conditions can be unclear. Treatments such as removing the associated tumor, if present, and immunosuppression can halt or often reverse the progression of autoimmune conditions, but there is no curative treatment for neurodegenerative conditions. The presence of autoantibodies can sometimes be(More)
A seizure is a clinical manifestation of presumed or proved abnormal electrical activity in the brain. A first seizure can range from a fleeting subjective experience such as déjà vu or a twitch (myoclonic jerk) through to a tonic-clonic convulsion. Some seizuremanifestations overlap with normal phenomena. A single seizure may be provoked (with an acute(More)
Previous clinical and neurophysiological studies of uremic neuropathy have focused almost exclusively on the function of large sensory and motor axons. The sensations of heat and cold depend on the function of unmyelinated afferents and small myelinated afferents, respectively, and these sensations can be quantified using a standardized psychophysical(More)