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Follow the leader: Mimetic isomorphism and entry into new markets
Follow the Leader: Mimetic Isomorphism and Entry Into New Markets Heather A. Haveman Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 38, Issue 4 (Dec., 1993), 593-627. Stable URL: http://links.j
Between a rock and a hard place: Organizational change and performance under conditions of fundamental environmental transformation
Author(s): Haveman, H | Abstract: This paper examines the proposition that change is detrimental to organizational performance and survival chances. I propose that organizational change may benefit
Organizational size and change: Diversification in the savings and loan industry after deregulation
Organizational Size and Change: Diversification in the Savings and Loan Industry after Deregulation Heather A. Haveman Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 38, Issue 1 (Mar., 1993), 20-50. Stable
Competition in Multiple Geographic Markets: The Impact on Growth and Market Entry
We investigate the impact of contact between organizations in multiple geographic markets, focusing on two competitive behaviors: growth in current markets and entry into new markets. Drawing on
Risky Business? Entrepreneurship in the New Independent-Power Sector
Building on sociological research on institutions and organizations and psychological research on risk and decision making, we propose that the development of institutions that reduce the risks of
Seizing Opportunity in Emerging Fields: How Institutional Entrepreneurs Legitimated the Professional Form of Management Consulting
The early history of the management consulting field is drawn on to build theory about how institutional entrepreneurs legitimate new kinds of organizations in emerging fields and underscores the need for theories of institutional entrepreneurship that explicitly account for field context.
Structuring a Theory of Moral Sentiments: Institutional and Organizational Coevolution in the Early Thrift Industry1
The authors investigate the coevolution of organizations and institu‐tions—they study how institutional definitions, rules, and expectations unfold in tandem with the organizational structures and
And then there were more ? The effect of organizational sex composition on the hiring and promotion of managers
The authors study how organizational sex composition influences the intraorganizational mobility of male and female managers. They test hypotheses linking organizational sex composition to hiring and
The Winds of Change: The Progressive Movement and the Bureaucratization of Thrift
This article examines how the values espoused by social movements become entrenched in political culture and spawn many new kinds of institutions, which in turn shape organizations far from