Heather A. Love

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tant Professor in the Humanities. Dr. Love studies late-nineteenth-and twentieth-century Brit-ish and American literature , with research interests that include gender studies and queer theory, the literature and culture of modernity, affect studies, film and visual culture, psychoanalysis , sociology and literature, disability studies and critical theory.(More)
We compare nonparametric and nonstructural market power tests using data from the cigarette manufacturing industry. Tests are implemented to examine both monopoly and monopsony power exertion by cigarette manufacturers. Results indicate that market power in the tobacco industry, previously attributed to monopoly power exertion, should at least in part be(More)
As today's discursive frames available to queer young adults reflect a stressful, shifting historical context for sexuality from 'struggle and survive' to emancipation, they still are confined by U.S. sexual norms assuming the authority of 'truth' while demanding heterosexuality. Consequently, sexuality and gender are linked inextricably as heterosexuality(More)
  • 2003
International Black Tea Market Integration and Price Discovery. In this thesis we study three basic issues related to international black tea markets: Are black tea markets integrated? Where is the price of black tea discovered? Are there leaders and followers in black tea markets? We use two statistical techniques as engines of analysis. First, we use time(More)
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