Heather A Callahan

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Ichthyobodo necator is an important fish ectoparasite with a broad host and ecological range. A novel method, involving the use of an anesthetic, allowed the collection of large numbers of parasites from the skin and gills of hybrid striped bass (Morone saxatilis male x M. chrysops female). Genomic DNA from these samples was used to amplify and clone the(More)
Abstract Ichthyobodo necator (costia) is a common and important flagellate parasite that infests the skin and gills of many freshwater and marine fish. Costia infestations are often fatal and cause significant aquaculture losses worldwide. Recently it has been demonstrated that Ichthyobodo is a multispecies complex with differing host preferences. Knowing(More)
Many important relationships amongst kinetoplastids, including the position of trypanosomatids, remain uncertain, with limited taxon sampling of markers other than small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSUrRNA). We report gene sequences for cytosolic heat shock proteins 90 and/or 70 (HSP90, HSP70) from the potentially early-diverging kinetoplastids Ichthyobodo(More)
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