Heather A. Bruns

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Th17 cells are critical for the clearance of extracellular bacteria and fungi, but also contribute to the pathology of autoimmune diseases and allergic inflammation. After exposure to an appropriate cytokine environment, Th17 cells can acquire a Th1-like phenotype, but less is known about their ability to adopt Th2 and Th9 effector programs. To explore this(More)
The use of foetal liver cells (FLC) in the context of hepatic tissue engineering might permit efficient in vitro expansion and cryopreservation in a cell bank. A prerequisite for successful application of bioartificial liver tissue is sufficient initial vascularization. In this study, we evaluated the transplantation of fibrin gel-immobilized FLC in a(More)
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 6 (STAT6) is critical for IL-4 and IL-13 responses, and necessary for the normal development of Th2 cells. We previously generated mice that express a constitutively active STAT6 (STAT6VT) under control of the CD2 locus control region, which directs expression to the T-cell compartment. We now describe that a(More)
The mucosal immune system is constantly exposed to antigen, whether it be food antigen, commensal bacteria, or harmful antigen. It is essential that the mucosal immune system can distinguish between harmful and non-harmful antigens, and initiate an active immune response to clear the harmful antigens, while initiating a suppressive immune response(More)
Acknowledgements Thank you to my committee. I thank Dr. Derron Bishop for being an outstanding thesis advisor. His dedication to his research, his passion for science, and his candid real world advice have been invaluable to me. Because of him, I look forward to my future and can only hope that I find as much joy and purpose in my career as he finds in his(More)
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