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A promising approach to managing business operations is based on business artifacts (a.k.a. business entities with lifecycles). These are key conceptual entities that are central to guiding the operations of a business, and whose content changes as they move through those operations. An artifact type includes both an information model that captures, in(More)
PURPOSE To validate 4D Monte Carlo (MC) simulations of dose delivery by an Elekta Agility linear accelerator to a moving phantom. METHODS Monte Carlo simulations were performed using the 4DdefDOSXYZnrc/EGSnrc user code which samples a new geometry for each incident particle and calculates the dose in a continuously moving anatomy. A Quasar respiratory(More)
been explored consistently throughout the history of psychology yet are of high public interest (Miller & Delaney, 2004). Religion and spirituality are of public interest in part because many people desire to live with greater inner peace and a fuller sense of meaning, direction, and satisfaction in their lives (Miller & Thoresen, 2003). Among adults,(More)
[To86] Toussaint, G. T., " An optimal algorithm for computing the relative convex hull of a set of points in a polygon, " [To92a] Toussaint, G. T., " A new look at Euclid's second proposition, " The Mathematical In-telligencer, in press, 1992.s geometrical constructions with a ruler given a fixed circle with its center, " (translated from the German 1833(More)
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