Heath F. Hofmann

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—This paper presents a position-sensorless vector torque controller designed to achieve maximum efficiency over a range of power and rotational speed for a synchronous reluctance machine. A model of the synchronous reluctance machine is presented which incorporates both winding and core losses. It is then shown that a stator-flux-oriented control scheme can(More)
—A hybrid controller, consisting of a model-based feed-forward controller and a proportional–integral feedback compen-sator, for a solid-rotor synchronous reluctance motor/generator in a high-speed flywheel-based uninterruptible power supply application is proposed in this paper. The feedforward controller takes most of the control output of the current(More)
—Spatial Galerkin projection transfers fields between different meshes. In the area of finite element analysis of electromagnetic fields, it provides great convenience for remeshing, multi-physics, domain decomposition methods, etc. In this paper, a space-time Galerkin projection is developed in order to transfer fields between different spatial and(More)
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