Heath Bowman

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Indiplon (NBI 34060) is a novel pyrazolopyrimidine currently in development for the treatment of insomnia. We have previously shown that indiplon exhibits high-affinity binding to native GABA(A) receptors from rat brain and acts as a positive allosteric modulator of GABA(A) receptor currents in cultured rat neurons (Sullivan et al., 2004). In this study, we(More)
To determine the exposure to hepatitis A and hepatitis B viruses (HAV, HBV) following intravenous replacement therapy in patients with classic hemophilia and to assess the role of these viruses in persistently elevated aminotransferases, sera were studied from 136 patients from 9 months to 67 years of age were transfused with either single-donor(More)
Two unrelated families are described with mild hemophilia A in whom six obligate carriers had unusually low VIII AHF levels. In each family, successive generations of males were affected with hemophilia A as determined by low VIII AHF in the presence of normal VIII AGN and VIII VWF levels. In the first family, two of five obligate carriers had low VIII AHF(More)
The success rate of clinical transplantation has improved considerably over the last two decades largely due to better immunosuppressive drugs. Allograft rejection remains the major cause of graft loss in renal transplant recipients. This article reviews the mechanisms of action of immunosuppressive drugs and their clinical use.
Measurements of the serum Vitamin B12 concentrations of 49 black and 49 white healthy adults demonstrate a significantly higher mean serum Vitamin B12 level in blacks when compared to whites (p less than 0.001). The reason for this difference appears to be genetic, although environmental factors may also be involved. It is suggested that clinical(More)