Heath A. James

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  • K A Hawick, H A James, +7 authors Vaughan
  • 1999
We describe our DISCWorld system for wide-area, high-performance metacomputing in which we adopt a high-level, service-based approach. Users’ client programs request combinations of services from a set of server nodes which communicate at a peer-based level. DISCWorld is a constrained metacomputing system, running only the service operations its(More)
We describe a web-based control system for invoking pipelined processes on a large on-line archive of geostationary satellite imagery through a World Wide Web browser interface. Our archive of GMS5 satellite data is stored on a combined RAID and tape silo system, accessible from a cluster of ATM-connected DEC Alpha workstations in Adelaide and Canberra. Our(More)
The number of applications that require parallel and high-performance computing techniques has diminished in recent years due to to the continuing increase in power of PC, workstation and mono-processor systems. However, Geographic information systems (GIS) still provide a resource-hungry application domain that can make good use of parallel techniques. We(More)
There has been some ambiguity about the growth of attractors in Kauffman networks with network size. Some recent work has linked this to the role and growth of circuits or loops of boolean variables. Using numerical methods we have investigated the growth of structural circuits in Kauffman networks and suggest that the exponential growth in the number of(More)
Student project work is a vital educational component of a Computer Science degree. We have enjoyed supervising student computing projects in six different universities around the world. We attempt to distill these experiences into a “formula” for the timepressured academic supervisor. We discuss project themes of recent interest to computing students and(More)
We describe a distributed computational infrastructure for accessing and processing a large repository of geostationary satellite data through a World Wide Web browser interface. Our repository of GMS5 satellite data is stored on a combined RAID and tape silo system, accessible from a cluster of DEC Alpha workstations, interconnected by ATM LAN technology(More)
The area of computer-generated artificial life-forms is a relatively recent field of inter-disciplinary study that involves mathematical modelling, physical intuition and ideas from chemistry and biology and computational science. Although the attribution of “life” to non biological systems is still controversial, several groups agree that certain emergent(More)
Efficient, scalable remote access to data is a key aspect in wide area metacomputing environments. One of the limitations of current client-server computing models is their inability to create, retain and trade tokens which represent data or services on remote computers alongwith the metadata to adequately describe the data or services. Most current(More)