Heasuk Jo

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Information security management systems (ISMSs) are used to manage information about their customers and themselves by governments or business organizations following advances in e-commerce, open networks, mobile networks, and Internet banking. This paper explains the existing ISMSs and presents a comparative analysis. The discussion deals with different(More)
Resolving rightful ownerships of digital images is an active research area of watermarking. Though a watermark is used to prove the owner's ownership, an attacker can invalidate it by creating his fake original image and its corresponding watermark. This kind of attack is called ambiguity attack and can be tackled either by use of non-invertible(More)
In mobile communication environment, mutual authentication is very important. Lu <i>et al</i>. proposed an anonymous mutual authentication protocol with provable link-layer location privacy. In this paper, we identify a flaw in their design and demonstrate that the Lu <i>et al</i>. protocol is vulnerable to the QoS (Quality of Service) of a packet's(More)
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