He-jiang Zhong

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BACKGROUND Well-equipped comprehensive hospitals may provide better emergency and patient services for the recovery of injured patients from the earthquake zone. This study aimed to provide an overview of injuries among the patients admitted to the six teaching hospitals in Chongqing, China, after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. MATERIALS AND METHODS The(More)
Endogenous glucocorticoids (GCs) have both stimulatory and suppressive effects on immune cells depending on the concentration. However, the mechanisms underlying the stimulatory effects of GCs remain elusive. Rat peritoneal macrophages were treated with different concentrations of corticosterone (0, 30 nM, 150 nM, and 3  μ M). To inhibit the glucocorticoid(More)
BACKGROUND The regulation of neuroendocrine hormones on the innate immune responses remains controversial. This report investigated the effects of exogenous norepinephrine with respect to macrophage function as well as to elucidate the underlying mechanism. MATERIALS AND METHODS The adherence, chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and cytokine production of(More)
Background: Bullous emphysema is characterized by destruction of lung parenchyma, reduction in elasticity of the lung, hyperinflation, and ventilation/perfusion mismatch. Ventilatory management of the patient with bullous emphysema is challenging, and especially so for the patient undergoing cardiac surgery. Case report: A 47-yearold man with severe diffuse(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize our experience in the anesthetic management of conjoined twins undergoing one-stage surgical separation. METHODOLOGY Medical records of conjoined twins admitted to our hospital for treatment and considered for surgical separation from 1996 to present were retrospectively reviewed. Four cases of conjoined twins underwent one-stage(More)
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