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The current quantum evolution algorithms have slow convergence rate and poor robustness. In order to overcome the two shortages, a novel self-adaptive quantum genetic algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the new algorithm adopts an encoding method which is based on the Bloch spherical coordinates. Secondly, in the process of searching the optimal solution, a(More)
The paper presents that PROFIBUS-DP and CAN bus communication unit is developed. For drilling rig electric control system the communication unit achieves communication function between PLC and diesel generator controller and the remote control function of diesel generator by PLC. The data transmission is reliable and the transmission speed is high in(More)
The downward communication receiving system in rotary steerable is a hot research topic today. Several key technologies for its implementation, namely, transmission channel, the ground command code, underground detection devices, and underground instruction decoding were studied in this paper. After comprehensive drilling technology, command transmission(More)
In this paper, a conventional model describing the torsional behavior of a generic vertical oilwell drillstring has been presented, and a PI control based on sliding mode is proposed for robust stabilization of nonlinear rotary drilling system. The controller is combined of a PI controller to compensate the nonlinearity in the drilling machine and sliding(More)
This paper study the Hopf bifurcation of a time-delayed dual model in Internet congestion control system. A time-delayed feedback control strategy is applied to the system for postponing a set of undesirable Hopf bifurcation and increasing stability region of the system. It is indicated that the model loses stability and a Hopf bifurcation occurs when(More)
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