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This paper presents a new system, called BGPmon, for monitoring the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is the routing protocol for the global Internet. Monitoring BGP is important for both operations and research; a number of public and private BGP monitors are deployed and widely used. These existing monitors typically collect data using a full(More)
—Recent trends in the networked services industry (e.g., CDN, VPN, VoIP, IPTV) see Internet Service Providers (ISPs) leveraging their existing network connectivity to provide an end-to-end solution. Consequently, new opportunities are available to monitor and improve the end-to-end service quality by leveraging the information from inside the network. We(More)
Many human-centered image and video management systems depend on robust human detection. To extract robust features for human detection, this paper investigates the following shortcomings of co-occurrence histograms of oriented gradients (CoHOGs) which significantly limit its advantages: 1) The magnitudes of the gradients are discarded, and only the(More)
In recent years, the size and dynamics of the global routing table have increased rapidly along with an increase in the number of edge networks. The relation between edge network quantity and routing table size/dynamics reveals a major limitation in the current architecture; there is a conflict between provider-based address aggregation and edge networks'(More)
Cellular network operators are now expected to maintain a good Quality of Experience (QoE) for many services beyond circuit-switched voice and messaging. However, new smart-phone "app" services, such as Over The Top (OTT) video delivery, are not under an operator's control. Furthermore, complex interactions between network protocol layers make it(More)
Recent studies have shown that web browsing is one of the most prominent cellular applications. It is therefore important for cellular network operators to understand how radio network characteristics (such as signal strength, handovers, load, etc.) influence users' web browsing Quality-of-Experience (web QoE). Understanding the relationship between web QoE(More)
—Focused on facial features localization on multi-view face arbitrarily rotated in plane, a novel detection algorithm based improved SVM is proposed. First, the face is located by the rotation invariant multi-view (RIMV) face detector and its pose in plane is corrected by rotation. After the searching ranges of the facial features are determined, the(More)
As IP networks have become the mainstay of an increasingly diverse set of applications ranging from Internet games and streaming videos, to e-commerce and online-banking, and even to mission-critical 911, best effort service is no longer acceptable. This requires a transformation in network management from detecting and replacing individual faulty network(More)