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Keyword-based web search engine uses text to reflect users' query intentions. However, it is hard to descript user's intention with simple text terms accurately, and besides of this, it is also hard to make the association between the text terms and images precisely. As a result, the keyword-based image search engine may return large amount of junk images.(More)
With e-commerce growing rapidly, online product reviews open amounts of studies of extracting useful information from numerous reviews. How to generate informative and concise summaries from reviews automatically has become a critical issue. In this paper, we present a novel unified graph model, composited information graph (CIG), to represent reviews with(More)
In order to overcome the seriously constrained storage and processing problem of a single node in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs), distributed Wyner-Ziv image compression algorithm is brought forward based on Wyner-Ziv. In this paper, the pixel domain Wyner-Ziv video coding scheme is adopted to achieve the distributed video codec system, the(More)
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