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With the wide usage of smartphones in our daily life, new malware is emerging to compromise the mobile OS and steal the sensitive data from the mobile applications. Anti-malware tools should be continuously updated via static and dynamic malware analysis to detect and prevent the newest malware. Dynamic malware analysis depends on a reliable memory(More)
Two-factor authentication has been widely used due to the vulnerabilities associated with traditional text-based password. One-time password (OTP) plays an indispensable role on authenticating mobile users to critical web services that demand a high level of security. As the smartphones are increasingly gaining popularity nowadays, software-based OTP(More)
Mobile devices have been widely used to process sensitive data and perform important transactions. It is a challenge to protect secure code from a malicious mobile OS. ARM TrustZone technology can protect secure code in a secure domain from an untrusted normal domain. However, since the attack surface of the secure domain will increase along with the size(More)
Due to their small footprint and flexible siting, rechargeable batteries are attractive for energy storage systems. A super-valent battery based on aluminium ion intercalation and deintercalation is proposed in this work with VO2 as cathode and high-purity Al foil as anode. First-principles calculations are also employed to theoretically investigate the(More)
With the growing importance of networked embedded devices in the upcoming Internet of Things, new attacks targeting embedded OSes are emerging. ARM processors, which power over 60% of embedded devices, introduce a hardware security extension called TrustZone to protect secure applications in an isolated secure world that cannot be manipulated by a(More)
With the wide usage of smartphones in our daily life, new malware is emerging to compromise the mobile OS and then steal or manipulate sensitive data from mobile applications. Forensic analysis tools demand a reliable and trustworthy memory acquisition of the operating systems running on the smartphones for further digital forensic analysis. However, a(More)
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