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Reengineering metalloproteins to generate new biologically relevant metal centers is an effective a way to test our understanding of the structural and mechanistic features that steer chemical transformations in biological systems. Here, we report thermodynamic data characterizing the formation of two type-2 copper sites in carbonic anhydrase and(More)
This paper discusses the fractal feature of pore structure based on the capillary pressure data of mercury withdrawal and mercury injection. Also, the paper calculates the fractal dimension of pore structure of He8 zone in Sulige gas field. The study results show that fractal feature of mercury injection capillary pressure curve has a property of two-stage(More)
In this paper, three different control-oriented models for the turbocharged diesel engine are proposed on the Matlab/Simulink. They are the mean-value model, the part map-based model and the cylinder-by-cylinder model, and they are modeled by considering the special requirements of typical control strategies on the model-based modern control design process.(More)
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