He Peng

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This paper presents an efficient parallel transistor level full-chip circuit simulation tool with SPICE-accuracy. The new approach partitions the circuit into a linear domain and several non-linear domains based on circuit non-linearity and connectivity. The linear domain is solved by parallel fast linear solver while nonlinear domains are parallelly(More)
—In this paper, an efficient framework is proposed to analyze the worst case of voltage variation of power network considering multidomain clock gating. First, a frequency-domain-based simulation method is proposed to obtain the time-domain voltage response. With the vector fitting technique, the frequency-domain responses are approximated by a partial(More)
This paper proposes an efficient analysis flow and an algorithm to identify the worst case noise for power networks with multiple clock domains. First, we apply the Laplace transform on the input current sources to derive the analytical formula. Then, we calculate the circuit frequency response with logarithmic scale frequency components. The frequency(More)
This work proposes reliability aware through silicon via (TSV) planning for the 3D stacked silicon integrated circuits (ICs). The 3D power distribution network is modeled and extracted in frequency domain which includes the impact of skin effect. The worst case power noise of the 3D power delivery networks (PDN) with local TSV failures resulting from(More)
This paper proposes an efficient method to find the worst case of voltage violation by multi-domain clock gating in an on-chip power network. We first present a voltage response in an arbitrary multi-domain clock gating pattern, using a superposition technique. Then, an integer linear programming (ILP) formulation is proposed to identify the worst-case(More)
  • Ù Ó Ú Delaunay È Ý ½ Ç Ae Ê · Ö Μ Ä Ad Hoc, Ae ¼ ¼ ´ Ó Ñ § Ð Å Ï ¢ ¿ Ae Ñ § Ñ Ð, He Peng, Li, Jian-Dong, Chen Yan-Hui +13 others
  • 2006
Delaunay triangulation has been widely used in many fields such as computational fluid dynamics, statistics, meteorology, solid state physics, computational geometry and so on. With the development of Ad Hoc networks, some researchers proposed geometric routing protocols to guarantee the delivery of the packet between any pair of nodes in the network, and(More)