He-Lin Luo

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The new media artwork Digital Buddha combines 3D Printing and camera mapping. The creative plan for Digital Buddha applies industrial design concepts and methods that utilize multiple complex digital tools in order to achieve effects of precision sculpting computations. In this work, a pre-constructed abstract sculpture is decoded and transformed into a(More)
In the analogue world, electronic signals are based on waveforms. Transmissions of sound waves, light waves, and water waves, all use waveforms to transmit vital information directly related to energy distribution, making waveforms an integral part of our daily lives. The art work <i>Light Storm PLUS</i> uses power generated by waveforms to control the(More)
With an explosion of accessible information, the digital era has been integrated into our daily lives. At any time, people can operate handheld computers (cell phones) to connect to the online world. The thrill of speed is slowly replacing the analog speed of the human body. Even as the human body attempts to catch up with the speed of a computer, it tries(More)
Projection Mapping, the superimposing of virtual images upon actual objects, is already extensively used in performance arts. Applications of it are already quite mature, therefore, here we wish to achieve the opposite, or specifically speaking, the superimposing of actual objects into virtual images. This method of reverse superimposition is called "camera(More)
In Chinese calligraphy, the concept of promoting the circulation of qi enables Chinese characters to express the essence, qi, and spirit of the calligrapher through the proper use of force and speed. As a result, the emotions and soul of the calligrapher are recorded in a work of Chinese calligraphy. In Cursive, a performance by internationally renowned(More)
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