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Laboratory bred female mice were used to study the effect of chronic toxoplasmosis on reproductive performance. The animals were infected with small dose (3 x 10(3)) tachyzoites of Toxoplasma parasites. The female mice were mixed with normal males for one week, then separated to monitor their reproductive performance one and two months post infection (p.i).(More)
Cutaneous leishmanial lesions as well as serum samples from both infected human and Swiss-albino mice were used to investigate the role of Fas system (Fas-FasL) as an inducer of apoptosis and other leishmanicidal cytokines in the disease development in cutaneous leishmaniasis. Soluble Fas was estimated by ELISA, other leishmanicidal cytokines were detected(More)
The pathogenesis of arthropathy in experimental schistosomiasis mansoni was studied. 70 Swiss albino mice were used, 14 served as control while 56 were subcutaneously infected with 80-100 Schistosoma mansoni cercariae/mouse. Mice were sacrificed at 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 weeks postinfection (p.i.). Shoulder and knee joints were taken and processed for(More)
Introduction: Complex pelvic fracture, which has a very high mortality and even higher morbidity, needs internal fixation surgery as an integral part for its management. It was necessary to conduct a study regarding outcome of complex pelvic fractures after internal fixation surgery. Material & Method: Twenty-six patients with complex pelvic fractures that(More)
Over a 6-year period 64 axillofemoral bypass and femorofemoral crossover grafts have been performed in 58 patients, most of whom were considered unfit for intra-abdominal surgery. Indications were peripheral ischaemia in 78 per cent and disabling claudication in 22 per cent. The limb salvage rate at 3 years was 75 per cent. No claudicants lost limbs, but(More)
ABSTRACT Femoral neck fractures in young adults remain a major problem in orthopaedics. Although treatments using cannulated screws and sliding hip screws are widely accepted, they pose significant clinical challenges. In the present study, we evaluated the outcome of treatment using cloverleaf locking plate fixation (augmented with the addition of addition(More)
In this study, 45 mice were used, 30 mice of them were injected subcutaneously with 80-100 schistosoma mansoni cercariae and 15 mice remained uninfected and served as a control group. Infected mice were killed at 8 and 12 weeks post-infection while control mice were killed at one time. Paraffin sections were made from adrenal cortex and liver. The thickness(More)
The expression of heat shock proteins (HSPs) and their immunogenic role in host parasite relationship has been studied in T. spiralis infection in mice. Two groups of infective stage larvae were incubated at 37 degrees C or at 43 degrees C for 3 hours in a nutrient medium. Crude somatic extracts and excretory/secretory (E/S) products were obtained.(More)
ABSTRACT Proximal humerus fracture is the second most common fracture of the upper extremity and presents several unique problems such as anatomical complexity, high risk of avascular necrosis, minimal bone stock for purchase, significant morbidity, and lack of a universally accepted treatment. Recent treatments for proximal humerus fractures include use of(More)
Editorial New year's greetings M. Mizuguchi (Japan) 1 Review Article Pacemaker in complicated and refractory breath-holding spells: When to think about it? Original Articles Manifestation of both emetic seizures and sylvian seizures in the same patients with benign partial epilepsy 18 Efficacy and tolerability of high-dose prednisone in Chinese children(More)